How To Future-proof Your Tech Career and Life?

MyKoz is a journaling platform that doubles as a learning tool, helping people learn to code and interact with Linux in an approachable way. The tools that people rely on to do their work are constantly changing and evolving. Starting from scratch with every new disruption rather than building on the skills and knowledge that last a lifetime can be frustrating. Change that by taking up the great battle-worn time-tested tools of tech with MyKoz.

Timeless Skills of Tech...

1. Get a Linux server running on your Windows PC.
2. Start using Python in Linux Jupyter Notebooks.
3. Start writing daily journal entries in NeoVim.

Stay on Windows while you learn Linux, Python, vim & git breaking your dependencies. Develop the Free and Open Source (FOSS) muscle memory that frees you to change hardware and platforms whenever you like. Improve your mindfulness and intention by journaling for life from a single textfile.

Step 1: Get a Linux server running on your Windows PC.